The blog turned 2 today! WOO Happy Birthday to us!

                                Come to Candy House (ap public room)

                           And make sure you bring your Sweet Tooth c;

                                         My lovely girlies and I 

                                          (Jour, Me, Opheliactic)

                        My twinny and amazing friend Hannah (Jour) 

                                          Valentine’s Day outfit <3

                                                   Outfit by Cakes

Hello there sweetheart beauty. :33 I love your style and makeup doing on the imvu dolls. You inspired me to try doing ones of my one. So I just wanted to show you my appreciation towards you. < 333

Ahhh! Thank you so much -flails around- I’m so glad I could inspire you, it is always nice to try out new things! This message definitely made my day dear, thank you so much ♥ -hugs-

My Waifu/Best friend Alex (BilboBaggins) & I ♥

Human Princess Bubblegum? :D
Adventure Time!

Top: Anry
Hair: nitewingz
Shoes: Plaztique
Skin: sxett